Arguments Against Cloning

Topics: Human, Religion, Morality, Ethics, Genetics, DNA / Pages: 3 (520 words) / Published: Oct 11th, 2015
Cloning has become a topic of immense discussion over the last several years. Cloning is one of the issues under the intricate umbrella of biotechnology. Cloning can be a very controversial issue in today’s society. There are numerous issues, both for and against the biotechnical process of cloning. Among the arguments presented, some were persuasive, and some were not. With anything in life, there are flaws, and that is the case with cloning. The topic of cloning presents many issues against cloning, for one to think about to form an opinion on the subject. The first argument that is presented revolves around the safety of cloning. Many people are concerned with how safe cloning is for the environment. The next argument deals with the morality of cloning. People have developed their own …show more content…
More specifically, I find to of the arguments leaning against cloning most persuasive. The first argument that I find most persuasive is the argument revolving around the safety of cloning. I believe that cloning is not safe even with the restrictions that may be placed on cloning. The second argument that I find persuasive stems from my deeply held religious faith. I believe that God has given everyone a soul, and he creates us in his image. Along with the arguments that I find persuasive, I have also found some flaws with the idea of cloning. Like I stated previously, my opinion on cloning stems from my faith, and likewise, the flaws that I found come from my faith. Everyone is their own individual person, and cloning has the capacity to change that, even identical twins ate individualized to some degree. God has given us individualized personalities and talents, and cloning will change that, which is the main flaw with cloning. Cloning used to just be used for other things in the environment, but it is slowly making itself known in our

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