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Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Essay 5: Argument Rough Draft

The people of America are categorized into different classes: the upper class, middle class, lower class, and the (sometimes mentioned) working class. In Gregory Mantsios’s article “Class In America – 2009,” he explains that there are distinct differences between each class through every day life-styles as one example, explaining how a person lives determines not only their social statues, but also their economic status. Diana Kendall’s article on “Framing Class” also explains how the lives of people in different class standings are portrayed in media, describing how the media shows how living life as a part of the upper class is better than how the average person in a lower class lives. Equal opportunities are available to the people in America despite class categories, as it depends on the individual and how they choose to pursue each given opportunity through things such as a job and living conditions, education, and chances to survive.

People in America have equal opportunities to succeed in life in however way they may choose to do so. Individuals from any class can achieve success in different ways, with a starting point of getting a job. In Mantsios’s article, he gave descriptions of two people of different race and gender, and both have jobs at around the same age seventeen and nineteen. Both had the equal opportunity to receive the jobs they work for and also work subsequent jobs at different places. Having a job at a young age is a start to receiving an income and working towards the goals a person sets for them selves.

Everyone in America has the equal opportunity to get an education in America. In different areas of the country, there are schools with better academic standards than others, but that doesn’t restrict the fact that there are still schools in every neighborhood of America. The American profiles of the two persons in Mantsios’s article show that they both attended public schools for their primary and...
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