Class in America

Topics: United States, Working class, Distribution of wealth Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: October 17, 2013
In "Class of America" Mantosios' central argument is, he argues what he claims are the myth of a classes society in America. He provides evidence regarding the rising social economic gap between the rich and the poor in America and the huge differences in amounts of the top 1% of Americans and the rest of Americans. There are four beliefs: 1. The USA is classless. 2. We are a middle class nation. 3. We’re all getting richer. 4. Everyone has an equal chance to succeed

In “Class of America” he shows how these are false myths. The United States is greatly separated by class and wealth. Through studies and statistics, he shows that those statements are false and states his observations of society. He claims that the wealthiest 1% of Americans holds 38% of the total national wealth. This leads him to claim that there is an enormous difference in the economic standing of citizens. He also claims that the middle class holds a very small percentage of the nation’s wealth and that the gap between the rich and poor and the rich and the middle is bigger than ever. Through the study of three citizens, Harold S. Browning, Bob Farrell, and Cheryl Mitchell he makes two claims. He says that class affects one’s physical and mental well-being. It also affects survival and success, the amount of time you spend on routine tasks and the amount of money you spend on food increases and you go down in class. By analyzing the relationship between SAT scores and income he proves that class standing has a significant impact on educational achievement. Furthermore he shows that not every American has an equal chance to succeed. Due to inheritance laws the wealthy have a better chance. His last observation is that racism and sexism plays a significant role in class order as well. I agree with what Mantsios argues. He puts up a very compelling argument through the uses of studies and statistics. There is no doubt that those who are upper class have more chances to succeed. They have...
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