Argumentative discipline

Topics: Child discipline, Death Penalty, Corporal punishment Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: April 27, 2015


In a society where good morals and principles almost seem extinct, it brings to the fore front of the conscious mind the role that discipline or lack thereof has played in the deteriorating state of the criminal element. Statistics show that just over ten (10) years ago in 2003 the number of murders recorded for that year was fifty (50) according to The National crime report. However in this present time it would be welcomed to record a figure of that amount or to record no murders at all compared to what we are facing today. In 2013 that number has almost tripled reaching to a staggering one hundred and twenty (120) murders for that year, which equates to a 240% increase in 10 years. These frightening changes bring us trying to determine the root of the breakdown of core values, and the impact of havoc it is wreaking on our country. Throughout history, society has looked upon the male as the breadwinner: the one expected to work, discipline, and support the family. The mother has been viewed as the nurturer: the one to stay home and raise the children. As women sought employment, their children were left to the care of babysitters, day care workers and in some cases children left to look after themselves. Because society has redefined the role of a mother to be one who is an important element in the workforce, the loss of the mother in the home has led to the decline of the family unit, and thus, to society. As single parenting increased and the presence of the father decreased, it can be asserted that the lack of discipline began to creep in. Notwithstanding the point of many single parents, mothers in particular have been able to foster good morals, principles and discipline in their homes; the arguable point is that due to the increasing absence of both parents in the home is creating a breathing ground for the breakdown of the standard of the family core...
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