Argument Against Joining Canada East Confederation

Topics: Canada, Quebec, French Canadian Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: June 18, 2013
''Canada East Confederation''

Good afternoon to you all, My name is Father Lucien I am a fifty (50) years old priest. I have one (1) brother and one (1) sister. I was born in London,England and immigrated to Canada East when I was ten (10) Years old. I lived in Montreal with family. My Father fought against the Fenain's Raid to protect the British North America (BNA) from being taken over by the Irish and help the British, but sadly passed away. I was the first member of my family to become a priest. I recently became interested in politics after I heard about Confederation. I now Represent the Conservatives. I am pretty sure you all have thought about Confederation, But I am here to say it is a horrid idea to join together as a nation. If Canada East joins we will lose our way of life ,Taxes will go up and that will make the poverty rate go up, the taxes would not support the farmers, we might have a massive conflict with the Natives or even a war The representation by population would make the English Speaking Canadians have more say in the government and the House of Commons and will dominate us French speaking Canadians. For these vile reasons I think Confederation is a Horrid idea for Canada East(French Speaking Canadians)

My main reason for not joining Confederation is losing our French culture. Do you really want Canada West and Maritime (English Speaking Canadians) provinces to take over our French Culture??? If we join Confederation all of our French Rights would be lost, The Roman Catholic and everything else will be lost. The English Speaking Canadians will slowly take over our culture and our province. Soon it will be gone, Even the French speaking Canadians. Even if their was a Federal government to preserve our culture it would not be any good .The Central government Would be too strong for us and take our culture away from us. If we made French our second (2) main language. It would not be any good everyone would speak French, But Only...
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