Argument Against Carr and Bluffing in Business

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: June 1, 2009
A code of ethics is typically a gathering of different ethical theories put together to make one code of beliefs. A code of ethics is completely different from moral code which is also an extremely important. A code of ethics is a set out general principles about an organization's beliefs on matters such as quality, employees or the environment compared to moral code which deals more with culture, education and religion of a whole society. A code of ethics can be both good and bad. The first and major problem with a code of ethics is that the made up by each person individually. This creates the problem of each person having different beliefs. Thus since a code of ethics is made up of a set of different beliefs, codes of ethics can vary drastically. For example John and Kathy may have the exact same beliefs on every philosopher’s theories minus Kant. John believes Kant is wrong, compared to Kathy who believes that he is correct. Even though their beliefs are so similar, this one varying ethical belief that John and Kathy have means that they have completely different ethical codes. Therefore this takes into account anytime there are major differing views then codes of ethics can be on completely different spectrum. With this said, it creates a wide scale of beliefs that are to be interpreted to identify what exactly is ethical or unethical. How is it possible to go from this point to a set code of ethics for society? This brings me to the point that no one’s code of ethics are going to be exactly the same so, who determines right and wrong and when do they do this. Since there are so many differing views, it is difficult to say one thing is right and the other is wrong for an entire society. Unfortunately the law is essentially a code of ethics society has to follow or face punishment. The possible punishment can be harsh, when something isn’t even against their’ own personal code of ethics. For example, Sarah could think stealing is perfectly acceptable; yet,...
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