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Are Zoo Cruel Towards Animal

By Kokchuan92 Mar 07, 2013 598 Words
Group: 12J2
Student ID: 1207G21664
Topic: Animal cruelty
Focus question: Are zoos cruel towards animal

1.0 General Issue
* Now a day, the issue of 'Animal cruelty' become very famous news, as the world has been facing many forms of animal cruelty. These cruel have devastated thousands of animal dead and homeless. Thus, the purpose of the research is to examine the different various of animal cruelty in zoo and determine why it occurs in zoo. 1.1 Chosen aspect

* My chosen aspect was are ‘zoos cruel toward animals’. I choose this focus question because I have been visited zoo before, and doing volunteer job of clean animal living zone. But, before I start, I observed that there are poor environment for the animals live. Therefore, I choose investigate this aspect. Some zoos only provide a small cages of living spaces for animal, there is no space for animals to move or turn around (JACKIE.L 2010 ) . Surroundings of animal living space are unnatural, there are cover by concrete and iron (JACKIE.L 2010 ). Besides that, the animals in those zoos are under-feed, causes the animals malnutrition and died (JACKIE.L 2010 ). Generally, this already consist an animal cruelty. However, some zoos are more terrible, there misplacing a few animals together in same cages (JACKIE.L 2010 ) . Furthermore, zoo community treat the animals like commodities, there regularly bought, sold, borrowed and traded animals without any benefits for animals future ( PETA ). The purpose of breed animals in zoo is to draws visitors visit the new babies born and boosts the revenue ( PETA ). Some zoos import animals from the wild for exhibit more variety animals to draw more visitors ( PETA ). 2.0 Processes

* In order to capture sufficient of information on this research, I referred to two articles on the internet. The first one is titled "The world's worst zoos". This article contains information about the animal life in certain zoo and they are being treated badly. This article is compiled by Jackie Leavitt. The second article is referred to title "Animal Rights Uncompromised: Zoos". It is written by PETA. This article is about PETA opposes zoo that abuse animals. To acquire this sources, I used up 3 days of internet searching. Firstly, I had difficulty explore this research .But in the end, I finally manage to find two articles that are good enough to use.

3.0 Personal and Critical Evaluation
3.1 Critical Evaluation
* From my examined, I can defined that most of the zoo are profit motivated, zoos will cut off the money spend on animals, intention to save the cost of expenses incurred in animals, like ,quality of living environment, food, treatment for animals. Thus. the standard of maintained become higher will costly to the zoos. Since, zoos are profit motivated, there will provide a low level standard of quality treatment to animals. 3.2 Personal Skills and Opinion

* Throughout the whole process of finish the task, I believed research skills and technique that would assist me in my future research project. I also have learned a lot of important information and values that would assist me in my goal of being a better human being. ( 505 words )

4.0 References
1) Jackie Leavitt. 2010. The world's worst zoos. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 March 13]. 2) Animal Rights Uncompromised: Zoos | . 2013. Animal Rights Uncompromised: Zoos | . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 04 March 2013] .

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