Are Women Safe in India

Topics: India, Woman, Female Pages: 4 (1484 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Women in India-a better half of Indian society, today, are becoming the most vulnerable section as far as their safety and security is concerned. When we turn the pages of a newspaper, we come across many headlines reporting cases of sexual assault, molestation, sexual harassment, rapes, trafficking, ill treatment of women in houses, violence against women in remote areas etc. What does this indicate? This certainly implies that there has been an increasing trend of such sexual overdrives in present generation. Our Indian Constitution has envisaged moral principles of equality (of status, opportunity, law) for our citizens but this has not yet been fully realized. One of the main reasons of violence against women is the mentality which deems women inferior of men and merely limits their importance to the maintenance of the household, the upbringing of children and pleasing their husbands and serving other members of the family. Times have changed but the mentality still prevails in the mindsets of several narrow minded Indians. Still our better halves are unsafe and unsecure towards the realization of freedom and liberty. It's unbearable to imagine the plight of women who are sufferers of such crimes. It's a jolt on the confidence of the women, of society and on our judicial system. Besides it has much of cascading effects which affects her life. The recent incident in which a 23 year old paramedical student was gang-raped by 6 men inside a moving bus near a posh Delhi locality and thrown off the bus naked and her male friend were beaten and assaulted with an iron rod has undoubtedly shocked the nation to its core. This was reflected in the massive protests that followed the incident, demanding justice for the victim.

Although it was a most heinous case of cruelty, it is ironical to note that such incidents are not actually rare in our country. There are several such cases happening everyday where females...
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