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Are Tutorial Schools Better Than Day Schools?

By tamade34331 Oct 25, 2014 494 Words

“Which tutor’s teaching mode is better?”, “How many subjects you have attend tutorial school?” Many students are surrounded with these questions frequently in this days and ages. Students attending tutorial school has become a trend and this phenomenon make us wonder whether tutorial schools are better than day schools. I will point out the pros and cons of both tutorial schools succinctly and day schools in the below paragraphs.

It is a disputable fact that attending tutorial schools can learns examination skills which most school teachers would not teach. Hong Kong is a knowledge based city, a person’s prospect depend on their public exam result therefore many students in Hong Kong are examination oriented. How many knowledge they get not they virtually care about, what is their most care is only the marks of the public exam. Attending tutorial schools is a shortcut to reach high marks without hard-working and prevent loss marks in the trap due to without learning the skills from tutorial schools. That is the greatest reason account for why many students attend tutorial schools.

Also, there has one thing we can’t overlook is tutorial schools will give extra practices and the latest information to students. Basic on every Hong Kong students possess 12 years free and compulsory education, some ambitious students eager to surpass other students therefore attending tutorial schools become the best path to attain their destination. Hence, other crucial advantages of tutorial schools not only as a wonderland for students to enhance their competitive ability to against with other students but also provide an opportunity for students to study some topic which they missed in day schools.

Regrettably, at the disadvantage aspect, students may have poor management to distribute their leisure times to cope with their homework. They need to tackle both homework come from day schools and tutorial schools and that may lead their mental health worse.

In the day schools perspective, no one would deny that day schools provide regular lessons for all Hong Kong students since haven’t attend day schools is illegal. Moreover, day schools not only the breeding ground for students to seek a flood of priceless knowledge but also a place for students to grow up and meet friends to widen their social circle.

On the other hand, day schools are altering to boring gradually nowadays. Many students are always sleeping, chatting with classmates, day dreaming inside the classrooms. This phenomenon has demonstrated that they have not put their attention on the day schools’ lessons. Furthermore, schools pass plenty of works for students which can’t boost their result such as school-based assessment, IES etc. Ultimately, students not intrigued by day schools anymore.

All in all, after weighing the pros and cons, attending tutorial schools can bring a myriad of benefit to students and the teaching mode of tutor seems far better than day schools’ teachers in an examination conscious aspect. In my personal opinion, tutorial schools are better than day schools.

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