Are The Effects Of Privation Reversible

Topics: Orphanage, Mother, Foster care Pages: 4 (1791 words) Published: February 10, 2015
Discuss - are the effects of privation reversible?

Privation is the failure to form an attachment during the early development stage. If this occurs, then there is normally a lack in basic survival needs such as food and comfort. There are many effects of privation, due to the lack of attachment forming, such as late development and malnourishment. One case of privation was that of Genie who was studied by Curtiss in 1970. Genie was found when she was 13 in 1970. Her father had considered her mentally retarded at birth so had kept her locked in a room for her life as he believed he was protecting her. When she was found, Genie had no speech, her walk was different, made strange mannerisms with her hands, she did not look 13 years old and was unable to chew food. She was admitted to a children's hospital and had a special education teacher to help her to try and recover. In 1971, she started to make her first noises, by imitating words she heard. After a few months she was able to communicate well with other adults. This breaks down Noam Chomsky's idea that our language is innate as Genie learns it through experience. They also had a weekly trip to the butchers and the butcher let her hold a piece of meat or a bone and let her discover it. She used to hold it up to her lips, as we see through a sensory homunculus that our lips have the greatest amount of sensation. However she was adopted by a family and they didn't like her making noises so she then stopped talking again. Present day, Genie still struggles with social interactions and is not fully recovered. This shows that the effects of privation are not reversible as Genie still has not recovered from it. However, this is contradictory to Koluchová's study in 1976 of the Czech twins. They lost their mother shortly after they were born and were put into care by a social agency before being adopted by a maternal aunt. During this time, their development was normal. Their father remarried and their...
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