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Topics: Neuron, Nervous system, Cerebrum Pages: 16 (1852 words) Published: May 9, 2014
uestion :You are at a basketball game and the arena is packed; the crowd is evenly split between fans of the two teams. At one point, the referee makes a call. Half of the fans yell insults; the other half of the fans shout their approval. The event reminds you of the topic of today's lecture in psychology class. What was the likely topic of the lecture?

Student Answer: bias



extraneous variables

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1 page 4 The fans are showing bias and this is an important issue.

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Question 2.Question :The school of behaviorism attempted to explain behavior by studying

Student Answer: the reasons people give for their behaviors.

the specific personality traits that lead to behavior.

how a specific stimulus evokes a specific response.

the purposes of people's behavior.

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1 page 11 This relationship, called a stimulus-response association, is one of the major foundations of behaviorism.

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Question 3.Question :Who claimed that behavior is affected by reinforcement?

Student Answer: William James

Sigmund Freud

B. F. Skinner

Wilhelm Wundt

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1 page 12-13 Skinner believed that behavior that is followed by good consequences is reinforced.

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Question 4.Question :In the 1970s, a 13-year-old girl was found locked up in a room, strapped to a potty chair. Since she had grown up in a world without human speech, researchers studied "Genie's" ability to acquire words, grammar, and pronunciation. This type of research is called _____________.

Student Answer: a case study

a representative sample

a single-blind study

a naturalistic observation

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1 page 21 A case study looks at only one person in great detail.

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Question 5.Question :A group of randomly selected subjects for a study that matches the population in terms of important characteristics such as age and sex is called __________.

Student Answer: volunteer bias

a representative sample

the experimental group

the control group

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1 page 22 A representative sample is a randomly selected group that matches the population on important characteristics

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Question 6.Question :Which of the following is CORRECT concerning random assignment?

Student Answer: In random assignment each participant has an equal chance for each condition. In random assignment each participant is assigned alphabetically to each condition. Random assignment can only be determined after an experiment is over. The best formula for random assignment is birth dates.

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1 page 27 In random assignment each participant has an equal chance of being assigned.

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Question 7.Question :The CEO of a large automobile company says the cars the company makes are safe regardless of the fact that they lead the country in accidents due to faulty equipment. This discrepancy highlights which of the following critical thinking principles?

Student Answer: Few "truths" do not need to be tested.

All evidence is not equal in quality.

Authority or expertise does not make the claims of an authority or expert true. Critical thinking requires an open mind.

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1 page 33-34 In this case, the authority has a motivation to lie or mislead and cannot be trusted, especially if the evidence belies his statement.

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