Are Id's Neccesary?

Topics: High school, Middle school, College Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Are Identifications Really Needed at School?
By Lora Temyanko
Streams of tears rolled down Amanda’s face as she was pushed off the bus, empty ID card slot in her hand. Ben slowly punched in the numbers on the telephone trying to reach a hold of his mother. Tanya defensively put covered her ID, terrified knowing that anyone, everyone, could easily find information about her. School Identifications are not only hurting these couple of kids, they are hurting hundreds of them around the Catalina Foothills School District, even damaging the Schools themselves.

It is the saddest thing when bus drivers won’t allow kids to ride the bus without an ID. Yes, it’s safe to scan your card to know that you got on the bus in the morning, but many parents work and might not be home. Where will these kids go now- hide in a bush? No! This school District has gone over obsessed with these tiny cards of plastic that they do not even realize or care about what troubles the Kids are going through. No child is perfect, so why would the schools pretend that they were and discipline a kid for one mistake of forgetting it or losing the card? This is just unexeptable with a capital U.

Pretend someone had forgotten their card at home. They are forced to call home and have their parents bring it to school for you. According to, 580 students are enrolled to Esperero Canyon Middle School itself. Each student ID card costs five dollars, so if you multiply 5(the cost of a single ID card) times 580(the number of students attending Esperero Canyon Middle School), then you get that the school is using $2,900 just for buying one card for every student. Although, don’t forget that students are not the most perfect human beings, so they will end up paying for a second card if they lose or break it, so the school is paying even more! I understand that that without these cards, it would be a pain to know whether or not a...
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