Are Grades Necessary

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Diana Manley
Professor Ingram
ENG 101
Are Grades Necessary?
Are grades really necessary? Alfie Kohn attempts to persuade in his article called “From Degrading to De-grading” from Acting Out Culture, how he believes grades are ineffective,, and should no longer exist, for many reasons. Kohn thinks grades are degrading and he provides examples and reasoning in support of why he thinks grades and de-grading (abolishing grades) is necessary. How does the mass of people think about this issue of de-grading? Kohn provides examples and reasoning to argue why he believes de-grading is the way to go. While I agree with some of his points, over I disagree with his general opinion. I believe grades are essential to track students’ progress, give them motivation to learn and challenge themselves, and further their academic career. Why are kids not really learning anything in school these days? For example, my dad would be watching a history documentary on television and I would ask him about something and he would always respond first by saying “What do teachers teach these days? You should have learned about this.” Why does my dad always seem to respond to my questions with the same answer? That is basically going off what Kohn points out in the passage and his reasoning behind his explanations as to why grades are so degrading. Kohn explains in his article how the traditional grading system is a waste of time. Kohn’s opinion of the best teacher is the one who despises the grade book and wonders about the thought of giving grades at all. Kohn provides many reasons supporting his beliefs. For example, grades reduce the student’s interest to learn the material and learning in general. It basically lessons the students preference for a challenge. When grades are in the picture the students’ quality of thinking is reduced. It is also argued that grades are unreliable, not valid, and have the ability to distort the curriculum. Kohn believes grades waste time...
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