Are athletes good role models?

Topics: Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Boxing Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Brain, Shawn

Society considers athletes to be the perfect role models for children. Athletes teach kids determination, how to stay encouraged, be physically active, and proper behavior. These life skills may be very important in a child’s lifetime. Looking up to these amazing people should diminish laziness, and other degrading qualities, and hopefully change the way society is viewed forever.

Athletes make such marvelous role models, because they encourage kids to stay physically active. To illustrate, athletes go to schools, hospitals and foster homes and interact with kids. They support them and introduce them to new sports and ways to stay healthy and active. For example, Pittsburg Penguins goalie, Mark Andre Fluery, went to a public school and played gym hockey with children. That might have sparked an interest in some of the children and encouraged them to continue playing. The article Are Athletes Good Role Models For Kids, by Miguel Cavazos, states, “Training and improving athletic performance involve strengthening bones and muscles, enhancing range of motion and taking care of the body. Greater physical fitness helps children look, feel, and perform at their best.” In addition to keeping kids physically active, athletes model how to properly behave and have determination at all times. For instance, Paralympics athletes are disabled, however are constantly determined. This teaches kids that no matter what happens, keep trying at all times and be optimistic about it. Kids also learn proper behavior/discipline. According to the article, Are Athletes Good Role Models For Kids, by Miguel Cavazos, “Children can learn good behavior from an athlete who has a track record of sportsmanlike conduct. Communicating calmly with officials and opponents, maintaining control during emotionally charged situations, reacting positively to aggressive actions by others and refraining from obscene language or gestures are examples of sportsmanlike...
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