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Topics: Archaeology, Clovis point, Clovis culture Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: March 5, 2014

For this assignment I attended 2 different archaeology lectures covering very different topics, but both of these topics tie into, and expand upon the knowledge I have gained in the lectures and discussions of Anthro 103. Dr. Daniel Joyce from the Kenosha Public Museum gave the first lecture entitled Pre-Clovis Megafauna sites in the Western Great Lakes Region. Dr. Mark Hauser of Northwestern University gave the second lecture. His lecture covered the topic of Community, Archaeology and Slavery in colonial Dominica. Both of these lectures were very intriguing and they helped me gain a wider and greater deal of understanding on the subject of Archaeology. Dr. Daniel Joyce is one of the top archaeologists currently studying how Pre-Clovis peoples were able to hunt Megafauna in the Western Great Lakes region. His work is focused in Kenosha County in Western Wisconsin where there are 33 known Megafauna sites (Joyce). These sites are all believed to be older than the development of the Clovis spear point (Joyce). Of the 33 Megafauna locations, most were isolated archaeological finds, and Joyce focused on the 5 most important sites in his lecture: Fenske, Mud Lake, Schaefer, Hebior, and Lucas. These 5 sites all provided valuable information as to how Megafauna were hunted and butchered all with Pre-Clovis technology. The remains from the Mud Lake site date all the way back to 13,500 RCYBP (Radio Carbon Years before present), and the bones of the Megafauna had wedge marks on showing the a stone tool was used to butcher the meat from the bones (Joyce). Joyce also mentioned that at the Schaefer site, which is at the edge of a glacial lake, a 36-year-old Elephants remains were found, and only 2 vertebrae had not been torn apart and butchered (Joyce). This provided further evidence that the pre-Clovis people were able to take down and butcher these large animals without advanced stone tools. Near the end of his lecture Joyce also discussed the extinction of...
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