Arabian Nights

Topics: Amazing Stories, Wealth, Folklore Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: October 28, 2014

There are many reasons why we love fairy tales and other made up stories. Some could argue that the purpose of creating these stories is a way for all of us to escape the real world and create our own worlds. Also it is a way to entertain ourselves with made up creatures and adventures that would not be possible in real life. We include things like evil jinnees, horrible monsters, wealth and locations that have not been heard of by anyone. We see all of the adventures and and so much more in Tales from the Thousand and One Nights with stories about “Sindbad the Sailor and Sindbad the Porter,” “The Porter and the Three Girls of Baghdad” and many more. No matter what the story is, they all have similarities within them.

In a way we all try to find a way to escape from the real world and all of its problems to a fantasy world with adventures that we dream of or even mythical adventures. We use the knowledge from our experiences throughout our daily lives to transform them into these amazing stories. Though some of us may not be all that wealthy but our knowledge about wealth and objects that are considered to be wealthy are used in stories like “Sindbad the Sailor and Sindbad the Porter.” Sindbad the Sailor is one of the wealthiest characters in the story and he displays that wealth in front of people who are less fortunate. Connecting that to the real world we do that by driving around nice cars or having the best clothes, by creating stories like “Sindbad the Sailor and Sindbad the Porter” it allows us to fantasize about wealth ourselves and what it is like. Sometimes it is assumed that because of wealth comes boredom and with that others find adventure and that is what Sindbad and the Sailor did with his seven voyages. Sindbad the Sailor grew tired of not doing anything so he planned voyages to different island in order to exchange goods. While traveling he faced many troubles with sunken ships to monsters trying to eat him but each time he came out of it...
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