Appraisal of Performance

Topics: Employment, 360-degree feedback, Psychometrics Pages: 4 (1020 words) Published: May 7, 2013

To know the performance of the organization it is mandatory to know the performance assessment of each employee. There are many reasons for the performance appraisal of the employs major reasons are. It makes the employes to know there levels of there performance levels and the ways to improve there performance the other thing is they know the goals and responcibilities of there working positions and it also helps the managers for estimating overall performance progress to estimate the required staff to hire and what are the strategies to take

Individual performance appraisal has many benefits, it initiates the competitive working nature of the employes present in the organization as every single employs performance is evaluated and each one competes for increase in there performance levels based on the performance results. performance appraisal is great helpful for the administration of the company as it makes all the necessary duties of the administration like estimation of performance of all the employes based on this results the salary of the employee is decided and the promotions for the employs are also done on this basis. The overall performance of all the employs will be used by the managers to estimate the progress of the company. this will create the idea of the total employes structure of the organization the effective use of these results can decrease the pressure in the management and administration department of the organization

Performance appraisals are mainly conducted by the line managers , but the results of this performance appraisal benefit the whole organization. Nomatter whatever may be the department it will be get benefited in one or the other way. Hence it is providing various types of benefits it makes the emplkoyes of the organization to iknow there faults and helps in decreasing the faults and the other good thing is they also know there strengths by these they will be...
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