Applied Science: The Stages Involved in Planning a Practical Investigation

Topics: Liver, Fatty acid, PH Pages: 4 (600 words) Published: December 14, 2014
Unit 7 A2 applied science
Planning and carrying out a
scientific investigation
Mr Miller

In this unit you will learn about:

The stages involved in planning a practical investigation;

• How to conduct a practical investigation;

How to record, process, evaluate and draw conclusions
from the data obtained from the practical investigation;

• Presenting your practical investigation to a client.

Your investigation
• You will be investigating the effects of bile , a
substance formed in the liver and stored in the
gall bladder. Bile plays an important role in the
digestion of fats.
• Your client is Mrs Lock a LSA at the Palmer
catholic academy. She has been informed by her
doctor that it may be necessary to remove her
Gall bladder. You will be tasked to find out what
the impact of removing this organ will have on
her lifestyle.

Background research
• To start your report you will need to research the
role of the gall bladder and more specifically bile
in digestion.
• You will need to research the liver ( where bile is
made), bile itself, and its role in digestion.
• The next few slides will give a brief description of
the role bile plays in the digestion of fats. You
must research this further before your practical
investigations can begin.

• You must also research the action of enzymes in
general. Things to include are:
• The different types of enzymes and what types of food
groups they act on.
• Information including graphs of the following :
• Optimum pH for enzyme action.
• Optimum temperature for enzyme action.
• The effect of enzyme concentration.
• The effect of substrate concentration.

The liver, fats and bile.
• Bile is made in the liver by cells called
hepatocytes. Some of the bile is goes into
the bile duct and then on to the duodenum
(part of the intestine where some digestion
takes place).
• Most is carried into the gall bladder where
it is stored and concentrated prior to...
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