Application form for the students to come Jeju

Topics: Volcano, Island, Jeju-do Pages: 3 (392 words) Published: June 30, 2014
〔Application Form for Students〕
Jeju Youth Forum
October 25~28, 2012, Jeju Island


Male / Female
Phone number
 Please indicate your preferred forum topic for the parallel panel discussion. (Please choose only one)

1. The future society will demand more active and creative people to cope with rapid changes and development. We think ahead to changes in school education for the future.

2. 300 millions of animals are used for the tests throughout the world every year. What do you think about animal testing for human uses?

4. We can discuss various types of juvenile problems happening in each country such as school bullying and peer rejection and the solution to them. 6. There are various types of contribution such as talent, organ, money, and so on. We shall discuss what we can do to create a healthy donation culture with a positive and effective movement by introducing some model cases in each country.

Please send this form to Chankil Kim, Forum Coordinator
Email: Tel: +82-64-710-6262

 > About Jeju > Beautiful Jeju > UNESCO triple crown of Jeju > Introduction First place in the world to obtain UNESCO designations in all 3 natural sciences Jeju Island is an oval-shaped volcanic island with 1,950 meter Hallasan Mountain in the middle. The island is 73 km from west to east and 31 km from north to south.   Jeju which was created by volcanic activity is known for its unique volcanic features, and the entire island itself is like a volcanic museum. There are 368 oreum on the island (※ oreum: It means ‘small mountain’ in Jeju dialect) and over 160 lava tubes are scattered on the island. It’s very rare to see a small island that has both oreum and caves in the world.  The value of Jeju was proved as the island received as the island was designated Biosphere Reserve in 2002, World Natural Heritage in 2007 and Global...
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