Apple - How Have Apple Been Able to Reinvent Themselves over the Years

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Macintosh Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: October 20, 2008
Apple Inc, formerly Apple Computers Inc, is an American company founded in California on April 1st 1976. The company has focused on consumer electronics and software, producing some of the world’s most popular electronic devices, including the Apple Macintosh computer, the iPod mp3 player and more recently the iPhone.

Apple has established a very unique reputation and market niche, most probably due to the aesthetics of the designs and their distinctive marketing campaigns. The Apple brand has pretty much created its very own cult following and the public’s appreciation of the Apple culture has resulted in $24 Billion annual sales (as of the end of their last fiscal year in September 29th 2007).

Steve Jobs is the CEO and co-founder of the company and he attributed with many of the successes that Apple has experienced. His vision has changed the way Apple market their products as well as the type of consumer electronics Apple decides to make.

So what can Apple consider their greatest successes? Well if we start at the beginning – After Jobs and Wozniak (co-founder) had created the Apple I and the company was incorporated, the Apple II was released. It differed from its rivals due to its color graphics and open architecture. With this came VisiCalc – a spreadsheet program that made the computer appeal to the business world and gave a new dimension to the personal computer. The promise of the Apple II and then III gave Apple Inc the chance to compete with IBM and Microsoft.

During this time, Steve Jobs was able to visit Xerox PARC to take a look at the research facilities in exchange for $1 Million in Pre-IPO Apple Stock. Here he was exposed to the GUI – graphical user interface. It was at this moment Jobs realized the future of computing. This in itself is not a success as other companies attempted the GUI model. However it was the marketing campaign for the Apple Macintosh which proved somewhat successful. The Macintosh was debuted by the now famous...
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