Apple Business Model

Topics: 2009, Economics, European Union Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: December 22, 2012
CRESC Working Paper No.111
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OTHER RECENT CRESC WORKING PAPERS AND REPORTS BY THE RESEARCH TEAM Ownership Matters: Private equity and the political division of ownership (December 2008)
Escaping the tyranny of earned income? The failure of finance as social innovation (March 2009)
An Alternative Report on UK Banking Reform (October 2009) 0V2.pdf
Undisclosed and unsustainable: problems of the UK national business model (December 2009)
Rebalancing the Economy (or Buyer’s Remorse?) (January 2011) %20WP87.pdf
Misrule of Experts? The Financial Crisis as Elite Debacle (March 2011) City State against national settlement: UK economic policy and politics after the financial crisis (June 2011) ment%20CRESC%20WP101.pdf
Haldane’s Gambit: Political Arithmetic and/or a New Metaphor (July 2011)
Knowing What to Do? How Not to Build Trains (July 2011) Groundhog Day: elite power, democratic disconnects and the failure of financial reform in the UK (November2011),%20d emocratic%20disconnects%20and%20the%20failure%20of%20financial%20reform%20i n%20the%20UK%20CRESC%20WP108%20(Version%202).pdf

Deep Stall? The euro zone crisis, banking reform and politics (March 2012)
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