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If I could apologize to someone for anything it would be to my sister for not always being courteous of her time. My sister and I are 5 years apart. I am a spirited teenage girl and she is an ambitious and loving sister who lives away from home. She visits home often, so we get to spend hours of amusement together. However, there are times when I have plans with friends and she wants to hang out with her friends. So we spend quality time together, but our schedules don’t always accommodate each other. Over Christmas break when my sister was visiting, she was very persistent on planning an exemplary day of shopping. Unfortunately, I ended up making plans with my friends to go on a lively excursion. I tried to be positive in telling her I would not be able to carry out our plans, yet she was disappointed. My generous sister understood even though she was looking forward to our day together. Looking back on that time, I’ve realized to cherish the special moments I have with her. I should always value our time together, for as we grow older our time together may become farther and fewer between. Article Report 1

Source: Psychology Today

Title of Article: Grief to Comfort and Inspire

Issue: Published on February 1, 2012 by Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. in The Mindful Self-Express

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Brief Summary: There is no exact amount of time you should mourn, for different losses cause different reactions. depending upon how things ended before the loss or how well you knew them can affect the grieving process. It’s important to reach out because when grief is shared it is easier to overcome. Indeed, love is intertwined with grief and they are together. Being able to move on and remember the good memories of whoever you lost is what is important in the end.

Quotes: “At the end of grief, should come comfort, peace, and meaning. Sadness can remain but be diminished.”

“Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. It is...
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