Apollo Shoe Inc

Topics: Accounts receivable, Balance sheet, Invoice Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Date: 19 Jan 1:30:27
From: Dennis Reese
Subject: Revenue Cycle Problems

I have looked over Bradley’s report and yes we do have some issues with the Sales, and Account Receivables. The fourth quarter deviations overstated are the worst because they can have the most effect on the Financial Statements. The controls need to be more uniform as Bradley stated because then they would even out through the months instead of hitting us mostly on the fourth quarter.

The company reports financial Statements each quarter and they are the months: March, June, September, and December. In their last quarter they are facing financial problems because of incorrect record sales. Some of the sales records are missing bills of lading. Also the credit approval controls are not emplaced our lack of them will cause a greater liability for collection. Will need to verify all the charges to the customer because there is many overcharge and undercharge amounts. The overcharge delay from invoice date and credit memo averages 24 days to correct the mistake.

Apollo’s controls are un-reliable and we will need to follow up on all Revenue and Accounts Receivable. Also positive confirmations need to be sent to customers with accounts greater than 1,000,000 and negative confirmations need to be sent to customers with less than 1,000,000. But all the customers need to be verified that their information is correct before they are sent. Also we need to ask the customers to verify all sales they made from us for the year.
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