Shoe Corporation of Illinois

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Management, Decision making software Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: February 12, 2012


* Incorporation of the rapidly changing styles in the production and the procedure to do the same

* Problem between the Manager of styling and the Assistant to the superintendent of the Centerville plant, i.e. Lack of understanding and communication between the styling Department and the production Department.

* Delay and ambiguity in the process of maintaining historical statistics on shipments (Bypassing of Ferguson) and its consequent effect on the working of the organization.

* Lack of autonomy given to the styling(Design) department in finalizing designs

* Involvement of Allison in the decision making process of too many departments, thus making his intervention counterproductive due to work overload. Allison has made some bad judgements has caused delay in doing the styling approvals.


* Streamline the production process by dividing it into two units which could work in parallel to ease the burden of the department during changes in the style of the product. This will increase efficiency and hence ensures sufficient volumes.

* Introduction of an ERP system into the company: The process from the initial research and development to final product sale is very complex and should be mapped onto a system that would adequately capture tasks and provide reports that would be evaluated for performance enhancements. The current complex workflow and task interdependence could be harmonized with the introduction of an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) where information related to order processing of salespeople, product design between Richards, Flynn, Lawson; plant coordination; manufacturing between Robbins and Lawson, Freeman’s future trends would be centralized.

* The presence of a mediator/ a committee with sufficient representation from each department(Styling and Production) to eliminate difference and...
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