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Case Study
Zach Newcomb
“Leadership in Apollo 13”
There are certain events in our lifetime that change who we are as a person and how we view life. During the movie Apollo 13, Jim Lovell has a dream that he will walk on the moon. His dream becomes a reality when is promoted to commander of the Apollo 13 mission to the moon. After a series of dangerous events, the crew finds themselves in a struggle to stay alive. Jim and Houston control works around the clock to find a solution to the problem. In the mist of all the chaos, leaders emerge from the struggle and find a way to stay alive and beat the odds.

According to Dictionary.com, leadership is defined as “the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group.” In the movie, there are two main leaders’ day display leadership roles. The first is space commander Jim Lovell and Houston Command Control Center commander Gene Cranz. Each of them will face enormous challenges and will have to work through them. Throughout the movie, leadership can be found in several forms. For example, the crew of Apollo 13 and Houston command center use “strategic planning” escape a bad situation. During the exhibition, the space ship Odyssey experiences an explosion in the oxygen tanks causing the crew to abandon the mission to the moon. A plan needed to be thought of to safely return the crew to earth. The team needs motivation to get the job done. I heard one of the best quotes I have ever heard in a movie or even life. During the chaos, Gene tells the crew “Failure is not an option.” No matter how long or toke, they were going to bring the crew home safely. There are many reasons why students should study Apollo 13. For example it teaches students to work out problems and use teamwork to achieve a certain goal. Students should watch this movie and learn about life lessons that each of us will have to deal with in life. There will be situations in life in which we will all be put under pressure and have our character tested. How we handle those situations determines our character. The question we ask ourselves is “are we going to give up and die, or are we going to find a solution to the problem?”

On July 20, 1969, veteran astronaut Jim Lovell hosts a party for other astronauts and their families, who watch on television as their colleague Neil Armstrong takes his first steps on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Lovell had been a pilot on another Apollo mission and he told his wife that he had planned on going up in space again and hoped to walk on the moon. A while later Lovell is informed that he and his crew will be launching a new Apollo 13 mission and Lovell will be the commander. Before Apollo 13’s liftoff, fellow astronaut Ken Mattingly is dismissed from the mission because of a case of messels.

The launch is successful and the Apollo 13 mission is underway with the moon set as its destination. As part of a routine maintenance procedure, the crew is given orders to stir up the oxygen tanks. While the procedure was taking place, an explosion occurs causing one oxygen tank to explode and the other to leak. With no adequate supply of oxygen, Houston Control is forced to abort the mission to the moon. The crew shuts down the Odyssey ship and powered up lunar module Aquarius so it can keep them alive for the return to home. Houston Command quickly needs to find a procedure that can safely return the crew to home while still conserving power. Gene orders a meeting with all of the scientist and orders them to find a solution to the problem. Ken Mattingly is recruited by Houston Command to help find a power up procedure.

With very few supplies to work with, Houston Command needs to find a solution to the Carbon Dioxide problem. The Command Center quickly develops a filter that the crew can use to filter out the Carbon Dioxide in the module. The filter consists of household items including paper, duct tape and other items. The crew is given...
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