Apollo 11 Research Paper

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Apollo 11 took three astronauts on an extraordinary adventure to the moon. Their primary goal was set by John F. Kennedy to land on the moon and come back to Earth. All three astronauts had went into space before. Neil Armstrong, Edwin Buzz Aldrin Jr., and Michael Collins. They where all main parts and important to this mission.

The men were sent off in space on July 16, 1969 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The place they landed in was the Sea of Tranquility. A camera in the eagle watched live as Armstrong went down the ladder onto the moon on July 20, 1969. Armstrong also said the words, “That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong was the Commander, Michael Collins was the Command Module Pilot, and Edwin Buzz Aldrin was the Lunar Module Pilot. While on the surface they set up some experiments for scientific research. Armstrong and Aldrin spent twenty one hours and 36 minutes on the moon. They made a plaque to remember the Apollo 1 members and crew that had died in an accident.

What the astronauts were wearing were spacesuits. They had a bubble helmet with a sun advisor, they use it to keep in the air and they see out of it. They had controls for their oxygen and radio. They had an antenna to help the radio contact each other. They had an air pressure gauge to obviously tell them the air pressure around them. They had overshoes to resist extreme heat and cold. They had a backpack with a four hour oxygen supply in it. Last but not least they had an emergency 30-minute oxygen supply.

For their rocket they had three parts to it. They had the Saturn V it sends Apollo 11 into Earth’s orbit and then re ignites itself and sends the rest of Apollo 11 to the moon. Then we have the Apollo Command Module “Columbia”. It carries three astronauts in a 62 mile orbit above the moon. Lastly we have the Lunar Module “Eagle” Carries two of the three astronauts to the moon’s surface.

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