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Researched Synthesis Argument Essay

The APELC exam contains a Synthesis Essay. You are asked to argue your opinion concerning a particular subject and use sources you are given.

The following assignment meets two goals. It prepares you for the Synthesis question and gives you practice in the art of Research.

The topic: Choose a law or policy that you would like to change, propose, or revise, and argue your case. The law or policy may be local, state, national, or international. It must be a specific topic – not general.

This essay is your opinion supported by facts.
Part of an effective argument is countering the opposition so resources that support the other side will be needed as well.

Final product:
1000- 1500 words
3 sources,
MLA format and documentation.

Your argument will be set up in the
Classical Argument Style – we will go over this in class.
- You must explain the issue or policy.
- You must take a side/ propose a change
- You must present both sides and counter the opposition

Due Dates:

1. October 31 – A day November 1 – B day
- 10 points - Topic Proposal
An Issue of Law or Policy approved by the Teacher
In Writing (format on next page
2. Nov 7 and 8 - 30 points Annotated Bibliography –
8 possible related sources – both sides of your issue should be included, 2 of which must be visual. (No encyclopedias or dictionaries can be used) (I will provide examples)

3. Nov. 9-12- 10 points
Outline of 1st Draft: Set up your argument in
Classical Argument format: Refer to handout.

4. Nov. 15/16- 1st Draft
1000-1500 words -30 points
3 sources
MLA format and documentation
In class – peer review
Thanksgiving Break

5. November 26/27
Final Draft -100 points –
will be graded for content/style

Your proposal should include

1.Statement of the situation
2. Claim: what X should do
3. Reason: why X should act
4. Effects: the intended result...
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