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Exists in thought and is not physical or concrete
Love or beauty
Concerned with beauty or the application of beauty

a literary device in which characters or events in a literary, visual, or musical art form represent or symbolize ideas and concepts All animals are equal but a few are more equal than others.
the repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables of an English language phrase Alice’s aunt ate apples and acorns around August.
A figure of speech, in which one refers covertly or indirectly to an object or circumstance that has occurred or existed in an external context. “When she lost her job, she acted like a Scrooge, and refused to buy anything that wasn’t necessary.” Ambiguity

uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language
The lady hit the man with an umbrella.
A thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, esp. a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned. ye soft pipes play on
A comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification. The clock ticked as loudly as thunder
Analytical writing
free from the fluff writing that may be used in creative writing Written essays
One who opposes and contends against another; an adversary
Bob Ewell-To Kill a Mocking Bird
Is typically clumsy, unsolicited, and unskilled and has both good and bad qualities. Gollum-Lord of the Rings
the deliberate repetition of the first part of the sentence in order to achieve an artistic effect My life is my purpose. My life is my goal. My life is my inspiration Aphorism
a statement of truth or opinion expressed in a concise and witty manner Youth is a blunder; Manhood a struggle; Old age regret
A regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure.
“I’m sorry”

a figure of speech sometimes represented by exclamation
“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.”
A short and interesting story or an amusing event often proposed to support or demonstrate some point and make readers and listeners laugh. The Crucible
the main statement of a poem, an essay, a short story, or a novel that usually appears as an introduction or a point on which the writer will develop his work in order to convince his readers. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”- Pride and Prejudice Assonance

Takes place when two or more words close to one another repeat the same vowel sound but start with different consonant sounds. Men sell the wedding bells
the act of laying claim to or taking possession of something I made the assumption that he was coming, so I was surprised when he didn't show up. Asyndeton
omission of the conjunctions that ordinarily join coordinate words or clauses “I came, I saw, I conquered”
Two opposite ideas are put together in a sentence to achieve a contrasting effect. Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.
the people who watch, read, or listen to something
The people watching the concert
Begging the question
assuming the conclusion (of an argument)
I think, therefore I am
A special kind of novel that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of its main character from his or her youth to mature hood. David Copperfield
of or relating to the group of books, plays, poems, etc., that are traditionally considered to be very important The Canterbury Tales,
Carpe diem
the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future “Just Do It”-Nike
An emotional discharge through which, one can achieve a state of...
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