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Melissa Mildenberger
AP Lang 4A
AP Essay
The United Stated Postal Service, or USPS, was created 2 centuries ago. The postal service has had difficulty with the innovation of the email. The USPS was the main way of interaction and communication with loved ones far away. Although the internet is a cheaper, more effective and easy way to communicate, the postal service is more personal and it is a symbol for the United States Government and what we are given for living in this free country. I believe that the USPS should restructure to keep up with the modern technology but they should not shut down.

The United States Postal Service is the identity of America. Outside of a post office in Ophoppe, Florida stands an American Flag to represent the service America has given us. In this picture it shows us that we should be more grateful that our country has given us an efficient way to communicate with our loved ones for an inexpensive price. The postal service is very important to the United States. The USPS provides jobs to many American Citizens and symbolizes America. Without this service there will be many without jobs and may cause homelessness. To prevent this from happening we need to change and update the USPS to keep it as a symbol of America and stability for United States citizens.

The invention of the internet and email has affected the postal service tremendously. In the article written by Daniel Stone, he suggests that the USPS gives you your own email address that they take care of. People always have the option to go elsewhere for email but this is a good way for the United State Post Office to expand their technology. This also creates the option of advertisements which gives the USPS more revenue from the email service. People go to the internet because it is easier and faster to communicate. But if they choose to create email it will bring the ways of communication back to the government and provided the office more jobs and money.

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