AP Lang Life Lesson

Topics: High school, School, Education Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Katrina Silva
Mr. Harris
AP Language and Composition
October 5, 2014
Significant Educational Experience
Recently I was voted MIA ambassador of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School along with Ben Manoogian. We went for an interview at PAT and got interviewed the superintendent. We spoke about the new turf field, how to be a good effective leader, and about our soccer seasons thus far. After the interview Mr. Buckley drove us back to the school, and he was speaking to us about the great opportunities we have at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School. Although I hear those words often I never really listen. Mr. Buckely said, “Ben and Katrina you guys are great leaders and great soccer players, but remember you will not always be playing soccer. After college soccer will probably end for you. So take advantage of your education. You are a student before you are an athlete.” He went on to tell us his experiences, and how him dedicating himself to his schoolwork put him in the successful position he is in today. My parents tell me that all the time, but I never really listened. When Mr. Buckley said that something cliqued. It was one of those moments when everything slows down for you, and you can just hear your own thoughts and the person’s words. Like the whole world stopped and it was just you and that person.

After the chat with Mr. Buckley I returned back to school. I still had the chills from his speech, but it was also raining and cold so that could have affected it also. During sixth and seventh period I sat there and actually focused. Usually I just talk and goof off with my friends, but I placed all my attention to my teachers and I actually learned something that day, instead of teaching it to myself at home.

The car ride with Mr. Buckley positively affected my view on education. I always knew how important education was because I heard my parent’s tell me about every day of my life that it is important. Although last year I did get a bit lazy...
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