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AP Lang Portfolio 1st semester
College Readiness Learning Targets
Writing Targets
Target Met
1. Use appropriate logic and rhetoric to analyze and effectively convey and critique ideas. A score of 5 on an analysis paper.
Focus: content.
I think that this target was adequately met. I definitely learned how to truly analyze different readings in order to break it down into a paper that dissects ideas in terms of logic and rhetoric. I still struggle with putting all of this analysis under one overall encompassing idea and for it to not seem scattered. I think learning different ways to analyze different ideas in order to effectively put together a clear message would be nice to learn more of. For example, I got a 4 on the John F. Kennedy rhetorical analysis, but I started to improve with generally 6’s on my other rhetorical analyses like the Audubon and Dillard rhetorical analyses. I would like to learn ways to construct a higher than 6 level rhetorical analysis. 2. Apply standard English grammar and syntax in a variety of real-world contexts. Apply standard English conventions to effectively communicate with written language. Minimum of 2 papers with grammar corrected by the student, or papers with no grammatical errors. Focus: grammar and mechanics.

I feel that this target was definitely met. Through our lessons on grammar, I have definitely learned many different aspects on grammar that I haven’t put much thought into before. I tried to incorporate these different skills into my papers as well. I felt that I did have some run-on sentences in my papers, which is a skill that I would like to improve on. I have had my structure noted in my ‘Into the Wild’ final paper. I also had my grammar corrected in my ‘Ending of The Crucible’ essay. 3. Write with a clear focus, coherent organization, and sufficient elaboration and detail. Implement the writing process successfully to plan, revise, and edit written work. Paper revised by peers/self to one score higher than the original score. Focus: structure, organization, writing process.

I feel that I somewhat met this target, but I struggle with it. I tend to have a difficult time with putting my thoughts under one thesis and not going off on tangents. I need help with sticking with one topic or idea, and simply basing my paper or essay off of that rather than just discussing all of the ideas that I have about it. I tend to go overboard with elaboration and detail at times. I did struggle with getting a clear focus with the John F. Kennedy rhetorical analysis, but I rewrote my paper and received a higher grade than I did initially. I have learned how to go back and effectively see what I did wrong in my writing.

Reading Targets
Target Met
1. Evaluate how an author uses words to create mental imagery, suggest mood, and set tone. Minimum of 3 SOAPStones with textual proof (from class work, not from summer homework)

This target was fairly well met. I could use more practice with how the author uses words to create mental imagery and suggest mood. It gets more difficult to analyze an author’s word use in order to create a shift in tone. I have had trouble figuring out the correlation between an author’s manipulations of words in order to set a certain mood to the story. I also sometimes also have trouble describing tone using different descriptors. Overall, I have learned how different pieces of writing can intentionally develop a mental image, mood, and tone through our different discussion of rhetoric. My SOAPStones have improved because of this, shown through my SOAPStones of the ‘Early Rhetorical Beginnings’ packet. 2. Read a wide range of literature to understand important universal themes and the human experience Minimum of 5 annotated works or written reading responses.

I think that this target was met. I definitely should annotate what I read more, but I have definitely started to truly look in depth in the different readings in order to derive a certain theme and experience that the author is trying to convey. For example, with Into the Wild, I learned about several different themes and the overall human experience of it through doing the Into the Wild posters that we did in class and by looking at the different posters around the room. I didn’t so much annotate with Into the Wild as I did use quotes to support the different motifs of the book. We read several pieces of literature, in which I definitely took much thought into through one pagers. I really do need to work on annotating more, so that I can gather my annotations in order to completely comprehend the possible universal themes and the human experience in a certain piece. 3. Seek feedback, self-assess, and reflect on personal learning while engaging with increasingly more difficult texts. Conferencing and tracking sheets for writings and multiple-choice questions. I think that this target was met through the one-on-one conferences with you. I felt that the conferences really allowed me to see what I need to work on and change. Even though I did repeat my mistakes after the first one-on-one conference (of me having big ideas and not narrowing/focusing on one aspect of it), I still felt that they really helped to see what I personally need to work on. I still struggled with doing certain assignments and papers, so I feel that I should take more initiative on seeking feedback and asking questions. I definitely need to ask about this especially with multiple choice questions. I sometimes do not fully understand certain pieces that we read (later on I do with our discussions), so I should do this with gaining comprehension on the various pieces we read. I do need to work on self-assessment and looking back on what I am continuously doing wrong. The one-on-one conferences with you are a huge help in allowing me to see this.

Speaking Targets
Target Met
1. Use language to acquire and deepen knowledge through questioning, listening to the ideas of others and engaging in discussion. 5 pieces of evidence that show active participation in discussion: grade/notes for Socratic seminar, pair share record, exit tickets etc.

I don’t that I personally met this target, but I think that the class has a whole did meet this target. I love to hear discussions, but I am not too keen on putting in my own input into the discussion. I definitely do need to work on this and not to be so reserved in talking with the class. I am shy when it comes to talking in discussions in general, but I would like to change this. In the discussion we had about Invisible Man, I had many thoughts that I wanted to share, but for some reason, I was unable to actually speak them. In that particular discussion, I only spoke about once or twice. I hope to work on this and be as expressive aloud with my words as the class generally is. 2. Deliver effective formal presentations with clear purpose and content. Presentation to the class with a grade of a B.

I think that looking at the bigger picture, I did meet this target. I usually have trouble with presentations and practically speaking to a large group of people, but when we did the presentation on our Citation Chase, I found myself really enjoying talking and talking more than I usually do when I present information with a group (then again, my group was presenting to only you, since it was after class). I find that when I did do presentations to the class, I found that I couldn’t be completely effective with a clear purpose and content because I was looking off a paper to read or depending on my group. I do need to work on just presenting off what I saw in different pieces of literature and just making it a focused and detail oriented discussion with myself almost. Through all the presentations that I have done, I have earned an A- or better, but I would still like to better my confidence and straightforwardness in presentations in order to convey a true purpose in this class. Taken from: Colorado Department of Education (

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