Ap Bio Lab 7 Cell Division

Topics: Chromosome, Mitosis, Genetics Pages: 4 (528 words) Published: January 4, 2015
Part 2: Effects of Environment on Mitosis.

Experimental Hypothesis:
If we put onion root tips in IAA solution then the rate of Mitosis will increase. Null Hypothesis:
There will be no difference

Part 1- Post Lab Question
If a cell contains a set of duplicated chromosomes, does it contain any more genetic information than the cell before the chromosomes were duplicated? No, because if it is duplicated, it would have the same number of chromosomes unless there was a mistake. Why do chromosomes condense before they are moved?

Chromosomes condense because it allows them the ability to move smoothly, without becoming entangled and breaking. How are the chromosomes copies, called sister chromatids, separated from each other?

During, the anaphase the sister chromatids separate and move along the Kinetochore microtubules towards opposite ends of the cell. What happens when two chromatids failed to separate?
When two chromatids fail to separate, the two new cells that are made then get destroyed because the number of chromatids is uneven. Also, the cell might have a non-disjunction due to wrong number of chromosome in new cell.

Part 4: Post- Lab Question
When is DNA replicated during meiosis?
DNA is replicated during the S phase of Interphase.
Are homologous pair of chromosome exact copies of each other?
Yes because Homologous chromosomes are two chromosomes. One inherited from the mother, one from the father. They have the same length and general appearance. More importantly, these chromosomes have copies of the same genes, although the two copies may differ. What is crossing over?

Crossing over is the exchange of genes between homologous chromosomes, resulting in a mixture of parental characteristics in offspring. What physical constraints control crossover frequencies?
The farther apart two genes are on the same chromosome; the more likely it is that a crossover...
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