antigone analysis

Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone, Polynices, Creon / Pages: 4 (976 words) / Published: Sep 24th, 2013
Antigone Analysis

Antigone is a strong willed woman that defies her uncle's orders and buries her dead brother Polyneices, who fought against Thebes in the civil war. She goes and buries her brother, and performs the rituals of the dead. I believe Antigone buried her brother out of divine edict, and not to defy the king. She may have been incredibly angry about the way her brother's body had been treated, but I believe she done what she has done out of her own beliefs. She believed what she was doing was the right thing "; but I will bury him: well for me to die in doing that. I shall rest, a loved one with him whom I have loved, sinless in my crime" (Sophocles, 442 B.C.E). Antigone was hurt by the way that her uncle Creon treated her brothers corpse; although he fought for the other side, he was still family. Sophocles portrays Antigone as a protagonist in the play Antigone, and in this play she is a tragic heroine. She learns of her brother's death in the civil war over her father's throne, and from then on it seems her fate is sealed. In the beginning, when Creon declares the body of Eteocles to be honored, and the body of Polyneices's to be left to rot for the birds, and anyone who would dare attempt to bury the body shall suffer death by stoning, Antigone's fate seemed to be evident. Antigone shows fierce devotion when she declares that she will bury her brother despite what Creon has ordered. It may be a rebellious act, but Antigone is determined to stay loyal to her brother. Her stubbornness and loyalty to her family becomes her ultimate downfall. I believe that she was not doing this just to disobey Creon; I believe that her intent was loyalty to her brother, and that he has a proper burial. Antigone's loyalty results in more tragedy to Thebes, and even so, it is still an admirable trait for someone to remain loyal regardless of the consequences. It appears that loyalty to Antigone is a big deal, and her

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