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  • Who Break The Law In Antigone

    Is about Oedipus’s three two sons Eteocles and Polynices killing each other in a conflict over who rightfully is king of Thebes. With both of the possible heirs to the throne their uncle Creon is king of Thebes. Creon passed a law stating that giving Polynices a proper burial was illegal. Creon stated that “proclamation has forbidden to dignify him with the burial‚ morning him at all” (Sophocles‚ 1109‚ 228). The reason for this law is that Polynices shared the throne with his brother for years but

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  • Who Is Creon A Tragic Hero In Antigone

    Creon and Antigone both have a pretty tragic part in the play‚ “Antigone”‚ but who’s the more tragic character? I have an answer for you. With a little bit of evaluation‚ you’ll find that Antigone is indeed the more tragically doomed of the two‚ and here’s why. So just to start out‚ Antigone was indeed of noble birth as most tragic heroes are‚ but there’s something about her family tree that makes her a little bit different from the rest. Her father‚ Oedipus‚ also happens to be her brother. The

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  • Sophocles Antigone Character Analysis

    After Oedipus‚ the king of Thebes becomes exiled; his two sons Polynices and Eteocles become the joint rulers of Thebes. After both brothers argued over whom deserved the right to become the king‚ they decided to duel for the throne. Because of this dual‚ both brothers killed each other and now the question is who should rightfully become the next in throne. Antigone‚ by Sophocles was a story about a young woman‚ Antigone‚ who betrays her own uncle‚ Creon‚ to bury her brother. After reading this

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  • Sophocles and Distressing Marvel

    felt that since she had lost both of her brothers‚ she felt her soul was already dead. | 5. By denying burial to Polynices‚ what message does Creon intend to convey? To whom is the message directed? | He wanted to get the point across that he was now king. | 6. According to the Guard‚ what was a “distressing marvel” about the burial and odd about the condition of Polynices’ body? | The body had not been mangled. | 7. Recall Creon’s opening speech in which he pledges to protect the city

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  • Antigone - 11

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up and defend an action or idea that is forbidden by society. This is what Antigone does in Sophocles’ story Antigone. She clearly disobeys King Creon’s order that no person should bury Antigone’s brother‚ Polynices‚ which is punishable by penalty of death. In this case‚ is Antigone’s decision the correct one? Her actions affect many of her other countrymen negatively because they cause problems within the royal family‚ disagreement among the people and directly

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  • Antigone Sophacles

    1.) Eteocles and Polynices were the paternally cursed fratricidal brothers who fought for control of Thebes after their father Oedipus abdicated. 2.) Eteocles and Polynices were the paternally cursed fratricidal brothers who fought for control of Thebes after their father Oedipus abdicated. 3.) Creon’s edict‚ was to deprive Polynices from his proper funeral burial. The decree issued with its annexed penalty became law‚ and as the law it was incumbent on every citizen to obey it. 4.) Antigone

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  • Creon a God?

    Creon a God? In the ancient Greek tragedy‚ Antigone‚ Sophocles’ character‚ King Creon will issue a law that no one will perform the burial rites over a dead traitor of the state. In advocating his law‚ he will deem Polynices a traitor. Antigone will unapologetically revolt against Creon’s law citing the rite’s for the dead are the concern of the gods. Creon‚ believing himself to be omniscient in all matters of state and church ignores the coherent warnings given to him by his family and friend

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  • Antigone Rainy River

    morals can sometimes be problematic to retain when conflicting with the written law. In Antigone by Sophocles‚ Antigone disregards the decree of her uncle Creon‚ King of Thebes‚ which forbids anybody to bury Antigone’s brother Polynices who was killed in battle. Although Polynices is considered a traitor to the land of Thebes‚ Antigone feels that to respect the wishes of the gods she must burry him. She faithfully acts upon her morals‚ even though they oppose the law. However‚ in the story “On the Rainy

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  • Oedipus Rex And Antigone Essay

    a time seems to be difficult. Antigone wishes to honor the gods by burying her brother‚ but the law of Creon says that he shall have no burial since her brother is technically a traitor to the state. Antigone has determined to give her brother‚ Polynices‚ the proper burial even if it cost her own life. Antigone said to Creon:

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  • Antigone Compare & Contrast Essay

    tragedies is a result of Antigone’s selfless act and the effect it has on others. Creon is the most diverse character between the two versions. In Sophocles Antigone Creon states that once the news is released to the public that Antigone buries Polynices‚ he has no power over the decision any longer. In Anouilh’s Antigone Creon does not make an immediate decision to execute Antigone‚ he gives the decision thought. This is proven when Creon states “Very well. Now Listen to me. You will go straight

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