Anolgy of the cave

Topics: Theory, Perception, Ontology Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 9, 2014
The Analogy Of The Cave Tells Us Nothing About Reality

The analogy of the cave was created by Plato to explain his philosophy and it allowed people to understand other forms such as beauty and justice. It was a theoretical situation, were prisoners were tied up and could only see what was in front of them, which was due to a fire, which burnt behind them. This was meant to represent ordinary people who can’t see pass the illusion of their world and are, according to Plato ignorant.

The fact that the analogy of the cave never mentions the word “reality” does not mean that it doesn’t tell us anything about it. Some people would say that the analogy does tell us about reality even though even if Plato’s view of it isn’t correct, it still tells us about Plato’s idea off what reality is. Some people might not agree with his views of reality as although he states we cant trust our senses, they are all we have in our lives to gain experiences and therefore reality can only be sensed through them. Yet others might disagree with this saying that most people still live in the shadow copy of reality and therefore we can have no clear idea of what reality really is. Even though Plato is theoretically mentioning and discussing the concept of reality in his analogy we can’t prove that the spiritual world is real and if the world of forms is not visible by humans then Plato has no evidence to back his teachings so it is arguably not valid and therefore as Plato has no proper understanding about what reality is and what it isn’t there is no way his analogy can tell us anything about the concept of it. Others might also argue that as the shadows are all that the prisoners in the story have ever known the shadows are reality for the prisoners and therefore Plato’s idea of reality is distorted as people’s reality is only what they know not what is reality to others. Overall I do think that Plato’s analogy does mention reality and that it does attempt to teach us about it...
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