Animals and Science

Topics: Medicine, Science, Pharmaceutical drug Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Animals and science
Thesis: If it wasn’t for animals many scientific breakthroughs would still be undiscovered. Animals have helped humans achieve a new level in science that otherwise would have been unreachable. I.New vaccines and medications are constantly being produced in science. Because of animals, scientists are able to test these vaccines and medications to see which one(s) actually work. A. When a new disease is discovered, scientists all over the world come up with different vaccines for it. Thanks to animal testing all those vaccines can be narrowed down in order to distinguish the most effective one(s) from the rest. B. Different vaccines have different effects on different people; such is the case with animals. With animal testing, scientists can then see who can and cannot take a certain medicine. C. Hundreds of vaccines are created daily. If not for animal testing, scientists would no longer have a use for these vaccines because of them not knowing what the use for them can be. II.If animals were left untested, on whom would scientists conduct scientific research? A. No humans would volunteer to a game of Russian roulette, which is exactly why animals are the safest bet. B. In order for scientists to see what a vaccine does to a living mechanism, they need to test it on a living mechanism. Test dummies would not exactly fall into that category. C. In the future animal testing might be a thing of the past, but for now it is the safest way for scientists to discover new medicines and vaccines. III.Test animals are a very important aspect of science. If you take that away, science would take a major hit and be left with limited discoveries in medicine. A. Medical science is all about creating and testing vaccines and medications. Without animal testing the testing aspect would be removed. B. Since the initial use of animals for research medical science has advanced more than it ever did, Making animal testing a must in the medical science field....
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