Animal Testing Experimentation Pro Essay

Topics: Animal testing, Animal rights, Pain Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Rammy Mekhilef Mr. Drake H Lang and Comp April 20th, 2009 Animal Testing for Research ' Pro side The death of one dog vs. saving the life of many diabetic humans. Which would you pick? Diabetes caused many deaths before insulin was discovered from the pancreas of a dog. After insulin was discovered, it could be injected into the bloodstream to keep the insulin level high. Along with this, much of our medicinal discoveries are experimented on different types of animals. Many people support the banning of experimentation of animals but what they are really supporting is the hindering of scientific advancement. We would not be where we are today without futuristic discoveries without making few sacrifices. One of these sacrifices is the lives of animals. As long as the animal has the capabilities of providing new information, and is not an endangered species, it should have approved usage in science laboratories and departments. Scientific testing on animals should be legal because it provides valuable information, it is safer, and it develops medicinal discoveries. A lot of valuable information comes from testing medicine and other sciences on animals. “Testing drugs in animals before doing so in humans helps researchers find potential toxic side effects, as well as understand the metabolism of drug compounds and consequent effects seen throughout the body” (Cook). Scientists rather would have toxic side effects appear on animals rather than the drug appearing on the market with people unaware that the drug is actually harmful. Also, animal testing is surprisingly one of the most advanced types of research we have today. Other methods are not advanced enough because researchers do their best to keep the kill count low, while also being beneficial to science. Only 6% of animals who are used for research actually experience pain (Animal Testing Facts: Home). Science research should be tested on animals because it is much better than being tested on humans and...
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