Animal in Extinction

Topics: Extinction, Animal, Habitat destruction Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Muhamad Naem Bin Yusof

Title : Animal in Extinction

SubTopic : Why the animal under verge of extinction


In bucked the trend towards modernization and progress, we increasingly forget that not only human beings that inhabit this universe. Ever forget the existence of human animals and the environment so that most of us have succumbed to the demands of modernization and progress. Humans have killed the flora and fauna around us to make way for development. Implications as we see now, many fauna species that are being threatened by extinction. More and more animals without realizing next dwindling and disappear from the earth. Do we just need to try to help save animals threatened with extinction without knowing what causes that led to the extinct. Below is the factor why animal is under verge of extinction.

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Firstly, change and habitat destruction by human activities is a major cause of animal extinctions. Changed or degraded habitat through several processes such as logging, swamps dried, sea cliffs reclaimed, rivers constrained to make dams, forest areas are opened up for agriculture and settlements and pollution occur due to certain activities. The impact of this change and habitat destruction sometimes cannot be discovered in a short time. Sometimes this effect does not occur directly but it correlates and can destroy several animal species after going through a long period of time.

Opening certain forest areas for example may break and minimize habitat animals such as tigers and elephants in need of a large and spacious area to get food, shelter and breeding. Small habitat has complicated these animals to compete for food and reduce the reliability of finding a mate for breeding purposes. Both of these things can cause the death of animals and reduce the number. For an example Sumatera Rhino had decrease in number because of hard to find the mate for breeding purpose, this had cause the number of Sumatera Rhino...
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