Animal Farm-What Makes Animal More Than Just a Fairy Story

Topics: Communism, Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Animal Farm

Animal Farm, by George Orwell is an allegory based on the Russian Revolution. The novel warns us about the abuse of power and how people use it to brainwash others. In this essay, I will analyse what makes animal farm more than just a ‘fairy story’. Animal Farm is a novel about animals taking over their farm. However, this is only the surface of the story. At the beginning, the animals are like Communists and work as one. But as the novel progresses, the pigs create a totalitarian state by forcing rules upon them. An allegory is a story in which simpler characters are used to represent a bigger, more important idea. Orwell has made Animal Farm into an allegory by portraying the use of political language and also by comparing the characters and events in Animal Farm to those of the Russian revolution. Throughout the whole of Animal Farm, Orwell has used irony in an effective way. We know something that the animals don’t. In this situation, we can grasp that the pigs have all the power. Orwell makes the animals sound very gullible and stupid; as if they believe nothing is wrong. “What is going to happen to all that milk? ... the milk has disappeared ” This gives the reader a clear impression that the pigs have already begun to take control of the farm from very early on in the novel. The animals live by seven commandments which tell them what they can and cannot do. However, as the novel goes on these commandments are adapted by the pigs to suit their needs. “Reading over the seven commandments to herself, she noticed that there was yet another of them which the animals had remembered wrong.”

Squealer tells the farm “Napoleon is always right” so many times that the animals are made to believe they are wrong. If they see something wrong or not how they remembered they are made to think they’re being stupid. Throughout Animal Farm, we know as readers that the pigs are slyly ruling the farm. Each character in the novel has significance to one of...
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