Leaders And Followers In Animal Farm

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As Fidel Castro once said, “A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.” George Orwell throughout his novel Animal Farm demonstrates this idea. The animals represent the people in the Russian Revolution. Struggling for freedom, but not being able to see past the wants of their leaders. The animals and the Russian citizens don’t realize the rights that are being taken from them. Both, the Russians and the animals never questioned authority. In the novel Animal Farm, the farm comes full circle post revolution demonstrating the consequences of having a leader-follower society.
Animal Farm is about leaders and followers. All of the leaders take control of the followers. The pigs, which are the leaders on the farm,
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The animals can barely remember the seven commandments, let alone the whole alphabet. Most of the follower animals cannot remember a letter past D(32-34). A few of the animals are smart enough such as the pigs, but their are some other animals that can also read. Muriel for example, but she isn’t smart enough to connect the dots of what's going on, and Benjamin, one of the educated animals on the farm, just doesn't do anything about it. Every animal besides the pigs, believe what they are told without question, and even if they might have a question about it they don’t do anything against it. After having the commandments read to her, Clover assumed she had just forgotten the last two words, rather than thinking that they had been changed. The animals have also never thought to make sure that Squealers information was backed up.The animals aren’t smart enough to realize that the rebellion has done nothing for them whatsoever. A lot of the animals have forgotten about the time before the rebellion, and they don’t realize that nothing Old Major has said is becoming a reality. The animals think everything is ok as long as a human isn’t running the farm. Animal Farm, is about a farm with a strong leader-follower community. Since the pigs are smart and intelligent, they run the farm and make the other animals respect them out of fear and stupidity. The follower animals just go along with what the leader animals do

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