Animal Farm characters

Topics: Animal Farm, Work ethic, The Animals Pages: 3 (351 words) Published: November 11, 2013


Large and fierce looking boar.
Ruled With An Iron Fist
Ordered the dogs to chase Snowball from the farm so he could rule alone. Not a good speaker
Used to getting his way
Changes rules to benefit himself.
Changes the commandments to allow drinking and more human-like behavior. Snowball
Good leader.
Good speaker
More intelligent than Napoleon.
Wants to improve conditions at the farm.

Lead the animals in the rebellion against Jones to become free.

Not as strong as Napoleon
Young and inexperienced in dealing with Napoleon.
eventually exiled by Napoleon.
Very large and strong.
Strong work ethic
Very loyal
"I will work harder." "Napoleon is always right."

Not very intelligent.
Used by those in power.
Napoleon sells Boxer to a glue company for money to buy whiskey. Benjamin
Oldest and wisest animal on the farm.
Only animal aside from the pigs that can read.

Reads the sign on the side of the truck taking Boxer away.

Stubborn and crotchety.
Cynical and apathetic.
Thinks nothing ever changes.

Refuses to be excited about the rebellion.
Great speaker.
Good at arguing and convincing others.
The other pigs say Squealer could "turn black into white"
Lies to and manipulates others.
Squeaker is the mouthpiece of Napoleon. He uses the animals' gullibility to his advantage in rewriting history and telling lies. Sheep
Very loyal.
Constantly repeating "four legs good, two legs bad!", which later changed to "four legs good, two legs better!"

Not very intelligent.
Blind followers.

Did not question the change in the commandment. Blindly following the leadership without stopping to think about what they are doing. The Dogs
Very loyal.
Only animals other than pigs allowed special privileges.

Ruthless and violent.
Acted as executioners - tearing open the throats of any animals believed to be helping Snowball. Chickens...
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