Animal experiment

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Should we use animals for experiments?

The question is,what it means to use animals for experiments? It means, the investigators and doctors whose are producing medicines they have to test is first,somehow,to see how is the effect of the medicine.This “somehow” means the animals.Moreover I haven’t said anything about testing new products like cosmetic products,make-ups,sprays.

In my opinion,the animals are different,they body and organism are different.For this reason the scientists think the most similar structure ,they could find was the monkey. For example chimpanzees are 98.3% human, while Gorilla's are 98.8% human.In my opinion it’s an amazing fact. They are both very intelligent animals much like ourselves, and can do most things like we can. When the test is succes they can be almost sure they can use it for humans either,likewise they are using other animals also the most common is the mouse.

Most people would agree that they have to stop using animals like a research subject.A lot of animal is suffering by the effects of the medicine,and the scientificts are keep saying the are not hurting them,whereas I could find a lot of evidence,where they are obviously hurting them,and not using painkillers.What should be a good thing is the new rules for animal experiments.Also nowadays they can use living tissues for test medicines,but sometimes it’s too expensive and takes more time to experiment by a living tissue which is in a test tube,thus it’s easier to do it with animals.

The most scandalous fact is they are hurting them and kill some of them,whereas there is law which says they have to use painkillers if it’s necessary. But the representatives of animal rights can not control everything properly. Some researcher claim that the painkillers are expensive for using it every time,on each animal.In my opinion it’s unacceptable,they should make the most lowest pain.

To sum up,nowadays they can replace the animals by living tissues for...
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