Animal Endangerment

Topics: Invasive species, Ecology, Ecosystem Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: September 16, 2013
Animal Endangerment

Destruction of habitat, pollution and hunting. These are the leading causes of why thousands of animals are extinct today. And who causes these? That's right you,us, humans. They are dying for our enjoyment and comfort.

Lets look at one example. They might not be the prettiest of all animals, or the cutest, or seem like they are important but they are just like us. Javan Rhinoceroses. How many Javan Rhinos do you think are left, hundreds? Well actually only less than fifty are alive. The map to the right, compare how many Javan Rhinos roamed around Sumatra and Java (skin-coloured areas), to the current areas (red) that is is barely visble. As you can see the It only takes up a minute fraction of where they use to roam free.

These animals that we are killing have all been roaming the Earth long before we came. We are destroying the ecosystem.

"…humans are the ultimate weed species... We have shown an incredible ability to invade, change, and inhabit every habitat type on the planet."

This is a quote from a renowned zoologist and this is exactly the truth. Why do you think it is so crucial for us to save as many speicies we can? Every time an animal becomes extinct, the ecosystem is thrown off balance and one by one animals will die out. It affects the food chain, it affects everything on the planet Earth, including humans.

What is considered to be the main cause of animal extiction? Habitat Destruction. Many species are being threatened and endangered because there habitat has been torn down as a result of human demand. Tropical rainforest are hacked down for timber and wood resources, development of petroleum resources, mineral resources and for cash-crop planations. Habitat changes reduce the ecosystem health and deplete native species, and greatly simplify the system and its habitats

Fact: Roughly, when 90% of the habitat is eliminated, 50% of the species will be lost.

Overexploitation. A species that faces...
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