Ancient Mesopotamians

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The ancient Mesopotamians wore clothing made from the natural resources that were available to them. They made their clothing from wool or flax which they could grow and harvest. How thick and how coarse the clothing was indicated the season that the clothes would be worn. Heavier clothes would be worn in the winter and lighter clothing would be worn in the summer. Although both rich and poor Mesopotamians wore the same style of clothing, the wealthier Mesopotamians wore clothes that were made out of expensive and soft materials. Wealthy women also wore clothing that was colorful and bright. Inanna Temple Excavation Site

Nippur and Iraq


As shown by the picture to the right, layers excavated by archeologist at an ancient Mesopotamian site that was sacred to the goddess “Inanna” for 3000 years. About 20 levels of this site in the city of Nippur, Iraq (Persia), hold the remnants of many temples that were built to honor “Inanna”. The most ancient of the temples are in the lower portion of the site, with successive temples to the goddess on top of the crumbled remains of earlier structures


Ancient Mesopotamia had a religion similar to the ancient Romans. The Mesopotamians drew animals on cave walls, believing that the animal would appear, by painting it speared, therefore they would have a successful hunt. Also in ancient Mesopotamia, there were many gods and goddesses, There were four main gods. The highest of them was An, who was supposedly the “over arching bowl of heaven” The second-highest was Enlil who could “either create raging storms or act to help man.” Nin-khursag was the earth goddess. The fourth god was Enki, who was “ the wait god and patron of wisdom.” Nonetheless, These four gods/goddesses did not work alone, but, worked with an assembly of fifty. In addition it these gods and goddesses, the world was populated with a lot of demons and spirits.
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