Egypt and Mesopotamia

Topics: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient history Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Egypt and Mesopotamia have both similarities and differences; one aspect that was very different between Egypt and Mesopotamia was the government. In Egypt, they had just one leader, the pharaoh. Egypt would have needed this strong central government for projects such as organizing and overseeing of the pyramid buildings. The early Mesopotamians used a city-state type government. Each area was controlled by its own political and economic center. Each area was a separate political unit. The social structure of Mesopotamia and Egypt were different. In Mesopotamia there was no gender equality. However, in ancient Egypt females had more opportunities to rise in life. In Mesopotamia, although they had different classes of slaves, they were still treated like property. In both societies the very few elite held enormous wealth, while the common people normally just got by day-by-day. Egyptian civilization, formed by 3000 B.C., benefited from trade and technological influence from Mesopotamia, but it produced a quite different society and culture. Because its values and its tightly knit political organization encouraged monumental building, we know more about Egypt than about Mesopotamia, even though the latter was in most respects more important and richer in subsequent heritage. Egyptian civilization from its origins to its decline was focused on the Nile River and the deserts around it. Egyptian civilization may at the outset have received some inspiration from Sumer, but a distinctive pattern soon developed in both religion and politics. Mesopotamian Religion did not believe in the after-life. They believed that all good and bad people go under-ground as ghosts and eat dirt. They're religion also believed that they were servants of god. If you were to ask a person today why they are here they would say because god loves me, but back in Mesopotamia if you asked they would say to be a servant of the gods. In the Mesopotamian religion there are 4 main gods of Earth,...
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