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Analyzing Poems

By amy1228 Dec 29, 2006 367 Words
By analyzing poems you can understand the author and connect ideas of expierences and the future. Looking at Robert Frost's Fire & Ice, and Richard Brautigan's "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace", they both show the theme of past or present with the future. While Frost's shows his past expierences of desire with how it will effect his future, and death, Brautigan's show how today technology is taking over, computers are everywhere and one day in the future they will replace our class in society.

Robert Frost connects a vision of the future to the past by a vision of the future stating the world will end by fire and ice. But he uses past expierences to develop his own thesis of how the world will end. He has tasted desire and understands how desire and wants could create destruction and death. Perhaps he had a strong desire towards something in the past that had destuctive effects on himself. He relates to the people who have chose desire, but also has attributed that he feels enough hate to know that the termination with ice would be just as bad. Robert Frost connects the past with his expierences to the future of how he will perish. He realizes that both ways are as bad as the other.

"In All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace" by Richard Brautigan, Brautigan dreams of a cybernetic world in which technology and nature coincide with eachother. In place of human being dominate mother species, humans and animals are on the same level. The computers become the doninate species and we all live together in harmony as if there were no differences. Computers can take care of all the world and humans can "free of our labors and joined back to nature". This poem is symbolic of how we live with animals. We are dominate species and in the poem, computers replace us. Bratuigan connects the ideas of the past, present, and reality with the future of computers taking over human jobs and posisions, creating them to be the "mothers" that look over us.

Both poems show broad spectums on time, and execute irony and emotion.

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