Analysis og Barack Obama back to school

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Barack Obama: Back to School

The President of America, Barack Obama held the speech named “Back to School” at Wakefield High School in Virginia on September 8th, 2009. The speech concerns the importance and prominence of education and good will, and encourages the students to do their best in school. This paper includes an analysis and interpretation of the speech’s main points, followed by a rhetorical analysis.

One of the main statements in the speech is the declaration of how education determines whether the United States of America will be able to meet its major challenges in the future. Obama argues that, the skills taught in class are the ones the youngsters will be depending on further on in life. And he insists that these abilities must be developed, in order to solve the problems the nation will face in the future. He uses refutation when making his point, by stating that he is aware of how doing well in school can be difficult at times, and that life does come with complications. By doing this, Obama ensures that he retains a realistic view on education, making it easier for the students to relate to his statement.

Another fundamental statement in the speech is that everyone has a talent, and something to contribute with. Therefore everyone also possesses a responsibility. This serves well as a corroborative statement, as it recalls the importance of education. To make his point clear, he employs real-life stories to underpin his claim. He conveys the stories of people who faced challenges, but chose to fight hard, and succeeded. These stories are addressed to the youngsters receiving the speech, encouraging them to step up their game, and work harder in order to succeed. Furthermore, he incorporates stories from his own childhood and teenage years, making it easier for the youngsters to identify with Obama. This identification makes Obama a furthermore reliable character and front-person, which is advantageous for his argument, in...
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