Analysis of the Qur'an

Topics: Qur'an, Islam, God Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Primary text analysis of the Qur'an

Main theme: The Qur'an consists of a collection of different writing that combined are the holy scriptures of Islam, and are considered the central text in which the Muslims believe in. Furthermore it is viewed as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language, and are viewed as a direct recitation of Allah's word. viewed as the main miracle of Mohammed

central theme is monotheism, only one God and he has created everything God is omnipotence and omniscient
consists of 114 chapters/suras – The longer comes first and thereafter the shorter once Classified as either Medinian or Meccan
A chapter is classified as a Medinian if it was after the migration of Mohammad to Medina If the chapter was before the migration it was classified as a Meccan Content:
Basic beliefs of Islam, the existence of God and resurrection Legal subjects like rules and laws to abide by
Ethical and moral subjects, like how you should behave towards others and what is considered right and wrong. The nature of revelation Historical events such as the migration of Mohammad
Charity, prayer and worship
Omnipotence: unlimited power
Omniscience: the ability to know everything there is to know monotheism: Only one God
The Qur'an itself is a very powerful text with a clear theme of monotheism, which also strongly focuses on the aspects of God's (Allah) almighty power. God created everything and everyone does equally depend on God, to live by his words and act properly so that God take care of them and their well-being.

However, the content of the Quran are some what contrasting in many ways. For instance, there are many citations about how God created the heavens and the earths and everything in between them, and also saying that there can not be and are no flaws about God's work, while right after asking about if people can see anything wrong with the work and if it has any...
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