The Koran

Topics: Islam, Qur'an, Muhammad Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: May 29, 2014
The Koran Summary:
The Koran or Qur’an is the bible of the Islamic religion, in the excerpts from their holy book, The Opening, Power and Daybreak, Arthur J. Arberry translates to us the scripture of Allah. Each story in the Koran are called Surahs or chapters much like the equivalent of the Christian’s Bible’s verses. In the three Surahs that are excerpted they all have the first line in common “In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate” then each continues into its own lesson or prayer. “The Opening” is an Islamic prayer, the most recited and memorized one in all of the religion, simply praising god and asking for help throughout life. In “Power” it talks about “the Night of Power” and very briefly states what happens during that night. The third Surah “Daybreak” is esentually just saying when you come across bad or evil things in the world just go to god for protection.

The Koran Anaylis:
The Koran is the word of Allah, the one true god to the Muslim faith; it is the most important book in the world to people who practice Islamic religion. They believe that the Koran was reviled to their prophet Muhammad (Mohammad). It is said that it first started coming to Muhammad while he was meditating in Mecca when the angel Gabriel appeared to him, he then was commanded and began to recite the scripture in Arabic. The "Opening", the most memorized and recited Surah in the Islamic religon starts as as the other two Surahs do, stating that god is merciful and compassionate. It says how he is the main, true god and the master of the Day of Doom, like judgment day or the rapture. It ends in telling us that he's the only god you'll serve if you're Muslim and asks him to guide them on the right path, one of righteousness like the faithful Muslims who God, Allah, have blessed before them and not to let them be like others who stray away from the religon in their belifs or actions. As stated before the next excerpt starts with the same phrase, "In the Name...
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