Analysis Of Jimmy Baca's Coming Into Language

Topics: Poetry, Writing, Literature, Linguistics, Fiction, Writer / Pages: 2 (402 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2015
Any live performance is capable of bringing out the best impact for the audience. This ability of a performance enhance when there is a writer who is making his voice about his own written words. The famous writer, Jimmy Baca brought that valuable impact in a priceless way to his audience through his live reading and the discussion on last Thursday.
It was a nice experience to see the writer of our class reading, “Coming into Language” at the very beginning. But most of all, it was a great experience to feel the human being behind those words. As we all know, Baca is not only a writer, but also a poet and an essayist who has won number of awards. At the moment when he was starting his reading, he said that he doesn’t know how to see the boundaries

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